Affiliated with University of Sargodha

Program overview

The civil engineering technology major prepares students for employment in the fields of civil engineering, construction management, and other closely related professions. Students learn civil engineering technology fundamentals from faculty members who have years of practical, professional, on-the-job experience. The major is focused on applied engineering, where students work in various laboratory settings to learn about theory, how design parameters are determined, and how to best utilize state-of-the-art equipment and engineering software. In addition, students are prepared to pursue advanced education, certification, or professional license. Course work and co-curricular activities are designed to broaden students' involvement in organizations within and outside their profession. These objectives are achieved through a broad-based curriculum that offers students a choice of numerous elective paths in the discipline that meets specific career interests.
National College is offering BS Civil Technology Program Affiliated with The University of Sargodha. The main emphasis of this program is to provide the students basic knowledge of mathematics and other sciences and to utilize them in solving problems of Structure, Hydraulics, Geo tech, Highways and environmental engineering and know - about to operation & maintenance of Civil Engineering projects. It develops in students the basic knowledge of on-job training to enable them to work independently on the projects and to arrange and organize all repairs, set up tools, machines and other equipment required for Civil Engineering works.

Professional options
While choosing an option is not required, to gain a deep understanding in one particular focus area, students may choose to pursue one of three professional options in construction management, structural design, or water resources. Professional options consist of three courses chosen by the student.
Construction management
The construction management option is ideal for students who have an interest in courses related to the business, management, and technical aspects related to construction.
Structural design
The structural design option provides a focus in structural design and the use of different types of structures and materials. It also introduces related design codes.
Water resources
The water resources option is for students who have an interest in courses related to water treatment, wastewater treatment, hydrology, and the environment.


F.Sc (Pre-Engineering), D.A.E. (Civil), Equivalent with Minimum 50% Marks.