Aims & Objectives

National College (NCET) is one of the top priority projects of the, intends to exploit the potential of Management, Technical, Vocational, Computer & Information Technology as a key contributors to the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Its aim is to contribute to the development of Human Resource in the field and make Pakistan an important player in Global industry. The inspiration behind the NCET is to utilize the services of the best available faculty without relocating them. It even envisages using the services of competent and qualified individuals from abroad.

National College (NCET) is based on excellent online infrastructure and provides educational facilities country wide & internationally. National College (NCET) teaching methodology eliminates the need for qualified faculty at each location, thereby providing a uniform learning environment all over the country and overseas.
National College (NCET) has started with a Competency base Certifications, Diplomas & Post graduate diplomas and will introduce Post Graduate Diploma in the near future.

Certified Professional Health & Care